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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EST

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leisurely. legal. little eat. dozens are killed in syria's capital and the first suicide bombing since march as arab league observers get down to business in an effort to mediate a peace deal. leaving the nation in despair the tensions are running high in iraq as the government plunges deeper into crisis after a bombing atrocity claims more than seventy lives just days after u.s. troops pull out. purposely matters your every move and word could be recorded human rights activists in britain the fight a surge of surveillance cameras now to be installed in every taxi in the city of oxford. raso has cost its katie interest rate as inflation plots its lowest levels
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in decades but is out in the business but it's an intense minute's time. just after five pm on friday here in the russian capital you're watching are with me will receive shite around forty people have been killed more than one hundred wounded and double suicide bombings in the syrian capital the regime is laying blame for the attack on al qaida it's the first incident of its kind in damascus since the uprising began in march this comes against the backdrop of the first batch of arab league monitors arriving to implement a peace deal brokered by the body form a belgian m.p. a lot of things foreign powers are simply seeking an excuse for military intervention. is already in syria for some time
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it may be and she may be there also respond. so when the assad government is claiming that they are merely fighting an armed resistance from abroad. they do have to point but that does not change the fact that. there also is a popular uprising in the country nader is indeed waiting for search and i and i when my words break in pursuit excuses to the day they do indeed intervene when arcade is involved but not necessarily because they're against what al-qaeda is doing look at what they're what who do real allies are in libya when something similar is happening in libya in syria sorry but the day will succeed is another matter of the west if i can use that to west wants to control the middle east and for the moment syria has liquidated ship out of out of their control the issue is not aware that sea is addicted to porn or not i mean the nato is and the west is
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supporting data ships to saudi arabia and bahrain and others that's not the issue the age issue is whether that's true jean that is on their side or not. clearly is not on their side therefore they have to go syrian government troops allegedly gunned down hundreds of civilians this week the west wants the crackdown to stop refuse to acknowledge an armed opposition that's despite a legion of army dessert who is now fighting against president assad as artie's reported from syria international monitors will have their hands full trying to implement a peace plan. well the advanced arab league team is now in damascus they have of course to pave the way for the observer mission that is expected at the end of the month they're going to be looking at the government's promises to implement that peace plan now of course many people here in the country extremely skeptical about whether or not any real change is going to come from that arab league observers
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mission entering here a big concern is whether they're going to be able to cover enough ground to get to the places where the colds and try to conflict is actually happening now that's been a real problem here in the country also we've been here for the past week actually getting to these areas accessing these people that are on the ground where the armed conflict is breaking out has prevented extremely difficult but getting accurate information and verifying it full stop has been a major challenge we visited the city of homs and there you can hear the gunfire ringing out in the distance but ahead of the arab league team arriving here in the country we've heard very harrowing reports of the violence breaking out of civilian deaths but they seemed if anything to be increasing of course putting around two hundred people having been killed in the past few days and as the conflict continues what we are seeing is this becoming both sides seemingly increasingly
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armed increasingly bloody certainly that team of observers are really going to have their work cut out for them that everyone is going to be very much are you paying this some form of change can now be a vote about that this is going to be an important step in the right direction but do remember it is of course just one step in many many more that are going to need to be taken before you see the situation here in syria coming down. on the surface reporting that when the international opinion remains rather split on exactly what the arab league observers can actually achieve in syria. so we want to know what you think just head over the aussie dot com to have your say voting in our ongoing live. bring up the numbers here at the moment most think the mission will actually precipitate foreign military intervention in syria if you believe the efforts will produce nothing more than headlines and barely any. more time to crush
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the opposition all the deal will force the two sides in the conflict to behave if you haven't already just head over to our web site. we will broadcast your around the world. and coming your way the latest edition in our special feature focusing on two thousand and eleven sean thomas talks about the extreme grief and pain he witnessed when covering the plane crash that killed the entire. team. i remember we were at the scene when it was pouring down rain it was in the middle of the day we saw this one player in new jersey walking with two of his friends in this moment of shock in this very rare and very raw moment and that was very special that he shared some of his feelings and his thoughts with us in a time when he was just processing what was going on. this is. history
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in the making. testimony. ten stories that shapes two thousand and eleven. you know the latest installment of that two thousand and one flashback coming away in a few minutes here the iraqi government plungers deeper into crisis with leaders engaging in a blame game following a wave of bombings that rocked the country on thursday the atrocity comes on the a few days after u.s. troops eventually pulled out it was the worst attack in months with at least seventy two killed two hundred injured in a series of blasts across baghdad crisis talks between the country's political leaders would counsel them friday following a raul in which iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki was blamed by the opposition for the violence the u.s. administration insists it's left behind a stable country nine years off from launching the invasion but joseph a writer for the world socialist things the latest flare ups in the region are product of the occupation. this was not about you know securing iraq and giving it
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freedom it was about securing the resources and in the process. sectarian tensions devastated the entire society and this is really the product of that you have different factions of the iraqi leader who are battling over power over control over resources including particular oil contracts and threatens to unravel into a civil war that conflict the violence in iraq is very much a product of the occupation itself and you know that's really the source of the crisis is facing iraqi politics in iraq is the side i mean look at what what does i.q. haitian has produced over one million people killed by some estimates thirty five percent of iraqi children. living now is orphans destination of infrastructure the entire society has been scarred by this occupation by this war.
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the u.s. troop withdrawal leaves behind a country embittered by occupation that's cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars and as u.s. soldiers return home for christmas for many their mood is far from joyful with suicide rates among veterans on the rise our correspondent liz wall reports. being in this environment. is killing us soldiers but surprisingly the biggest killers are not enemy combatants and fortunately inhabits the demographic in the united states that kills itself pretty much more than any other out there for the second year in a row more soldiers killed themselves than were killed in combat four hundred sixty eight soldiers took their own lives in two thousand and ten and even off the battlefield suicide rates continue to soar matha sure rose in afghanistan war veteran turn anti-war activists we come home feeling terrible despicable about what
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we did and what we saw sure roe is one of thousands returning from deployment feeling detached and conflicted the laws of decency don't apply to soldiers in combat and when you go back to having to apply those lost yourself all the time. you know that that for many you know leads either to the grave or to jail an average of eighteen veterans per day commit suicide and many more attempted last year twenty percent of the thirty thousand american suicides was a soldier or veteran it kind of relates in. disaster. in that you really start to wonder if you're ever going to be who you were again dr jan kemp says many soldiers come back feeling disconnected from the world in which they once lived then all of a sudden they're they're back things happened in their families while they were
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gone the situation they can come back to is not often the same one that they left in fact many come back to bleak situations a quarter of the homeless in america are military veterans the unemployment rate among vets hovers over twelve percent meanwhile campaign such as army strong glorify life as a soldier and aim to entice america's young men and women. two unless. one for shooting is that's enough for the. average size since retiring from the army sharon has been committed to showing students the other side of the army experience the side recruiters fail to show it's all part of the we are not your soldiers tour his message is clear don't don't become one of us. and he hopes that message will prevent students from turning into a statistic from washington. and those veterans who
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do find the strength to face down the torment of life after sophos often have to take some desperate measures reports online we have the story of one former soldier forced to pawn his military medals simply to put food on the table and that much much more at all to dot com. also online a reckless man versus a bull's head over to our you tube channel to watch the feed featuring a bull fighting competition in the colombia. more news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. a giant corporations are today.
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now at twelve minutes past five o'clock here in moscow tom had to take a look at some of the major events that shaped the year of two thousand and eleven now through the eyes of the r.t.e. correspondents who covered them today we focus on the fatal plane crash that wiped out the entire jaroslava locomotive hockey team in russia sean thomas shares some of the thoughts and memories that didn't make it into his previous reports. you were hearing it on the radio in fact on the way to work there were listening to it. it was just. it was much bigger than. the personal connection. to the team.
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there was anger. frustration. there were tears. and the outpouring of support from everyone in the. picture. and stuffed animals and light candles in front of the stadium where. it was just amazing to see such an outpouring of support. every season. we were seen when it was pouring down rain in the middle of the day my glasses were just. thousands of people came.
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walking with two of his friends. shock in this very very. very special that he shared some of his feelings and his thoughts with us when he was just processing what was going on. the entire community rallied around this team and speaking to the individual members of the community the people who really. it's the most serious loss of my life like losing family. they were like family they all had something to say and they all internalized this loss. that final day. the coffins were lined up with. a procession of people including the prime minister who came to pay his respects.
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the graphic images in covering this story there's images of the plane still on fire images of them pulling the bodies from the actual crash site one of the survivors who survived the crash and in chile who is one of the stars of the team and then later to find out that he passed away just taking the hope away from this entire community. the desire in the willingness for this team to go forward that the team itself and the players and the young players really rallied and were on the ice the very next day. after the plane crash while there were funeral services and while there were rallies there were players on the ice ready to rebuild the jaroslava locomotive team so that there could be a team in the future and that was an inspiration. and every day right up to the new day we will bring you more personal reflections from our correspondents who covered the year's biggest stories are showing you
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a lot of the footage and things you didn't see on at all so you can't wait that long to december thirty first just go to our website you can find them all for you . watching artsy turkey has now accused of genocide during the colonial occupation of algeria this comes off to the lower house of the french parliament approved legislation making it a crime to deny any genocide clued in the mass killings by its medians in the early twentieth century the bill imposes a fine of forty five thousand euros under a year in jail for offenders but still needs to be approved by the senate he has already recalled its ambassador from the hold it all military ties with. more than fifteen countries have recognized the slaughter around one and a half a million armenians but turkey denies genocide saying it's up to an international committee of historians to decide what. a professor of political science. paris
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west university thinks france's move is purely political to. us first of all you have to realize that it's a build going through the lower house that are meant and then it has to go to the senate most probably it will not go to the senate before the presidential election and maybe a group may die out in audience so a little political game is played here by various political parties. there is the historical debate genocide has not been down there was a genocide and there's also the political games being played by various parties to get the armenian vote in the french elections every nation as soon best to gauge its crimes in the past but establishing historical truth is the work of historians it is not something that should be done and established by law. well you better watch what you say especially if you're such a ride in an oxford taxi authorities in the british city plan to install an audio
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and video surveillance system in every car are two thousand and fifteen campaigners of call the city council's decision a staggering invasion of privacy claim people's rights will be violated. in oxford surveillance cameras everywhere and now in a city council scheme taxis will become the latest targets of state operations over the next few years license caps will be required to install equipment monitoring both driver and passenger it's a fact of life in towns and cities across the u.k. that you'll being watched wherever you go on the high street in shops on public transport the surveillance along this stretch of street will only record images but the systems in taxis will record sounds to effectively eavesdropping on the conversations of private citizens buses already have and sound recording but aimed
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only at the driver taxi passengers will be recorded too and some fear for their security late at night all reassured others see it as a staggering invasion of privacy i think it's good idea i think it will make people feel a bit safer it's amazing and pretty same. token tyson just like chatty. puts a lot of pressure on people who behave. i think there are enough surveillance camera. i think it's quite open to have a media come around everything in a taxi good we don't think take he too became. you know to have to be cautious about what you say day and night. recording will stop when the car engine switched on and and thirty minutes after it's turned off the council says footage will only
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be available to police for ongoing investigations i don't believe that it will be this let's remember this is not someone's front room this is not some of these bedroom this is the back of a taxi with a driver in the front seat who will be able to overhear any conversation but you're having with the passenger side previously campaigners on the other hand can't understand how the council can justify this and accused them of refusing to hand over statistics on taxi related crime big brother watch says the move is unjustifiably intrusive. threats which exist that requires them to record not just video but also the conversation of passengers we simply don't accept that the first is greater toward everybody should be recorded indiscriminately for example a panic button system being treat everybody as potential criminals. treating
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everybody as. drivers will have to fork out four hundred pounds that's six hundred dollars to pay for the equipment themselves and while the council says it has the support of cappy many at this local firm object to the blanket approach if people used. to be. whoa is. me. but city council doesn't think it's going to have any trouble pushing this measure through but. campaign is see it differently they're launching a complaint with an independent data protection body to try and stop what they see
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as the further creeping in creech mental state prying eyes and ears into innocent people's lives norris mentality. and in just a moment here on our t.v. it's the business use but for now the world updated more start with the czech republic it's where a world of leaders are gathered in prague to attend the funeral of former president fox law died on sunday. the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton former president bill clinton david cameron nicolas sarkozy all among many other european heads of state among the mourners are the one time dissident writer turned politician led the czech republic's transition to democracy and over sword split from slovak thousands turned out on thursday to pay their last respects during a state funeral procession. chinese riot police have fired tear gas to break up massed protests in a small town in southern china it's the fourth day of rallies against the
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construction of a new power station activists also think an existing coal fired power plant has contributed to a rise in cancer cases as well as pollution a crowd demanding authorities release a number of demonstrators was locked in a standoff with police five people have been detained. while the special a new year's edition of technology up data coming your way in less than ten minutes time we're in the first though it's katie like i said the business. hello welcome to the business here in r.t. russia has cut its key interest rate as inflation drops to the lowest levels in decades the rate has been cut by a quarter of a percentage point eight percent the government hopes cheaper loans will help business grow amid instability in the global economy so let's have a look at the markets and today all is heading for its biggest weekly gain in two
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months but it's off to us second hour of calls indicated that growth of the world's largest crude consumer well except the right place weight is trading at just below one hundred dollars a barrel brant is just a fraction below one hundred and eight dollars per barrel and in europe the european stock markets are also benefiting from the upbeat data coming from the u.s. although volumes all typically low ahead of the christmas weekend and traders in london will enjoy a shortened session as they gear up for the festive celebrations that the russian markets are mixed this hour the r.t.s. is gaining overhaul five percent on the lie so it's just a notch in the red let's have a look at some individual moves on the mice a blue chips makes this hour all major loophole is dating point seven percent while the bag has just been in the red for months of the day it is now shut in and they didn't want his sense of a communication provide that will telecom is among the top gayness on reports the government would take over seven point four percent of the state.
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russia's biggest lender spare bank has made another step abroad is bought swiss based big commercial bag for eighteen million dollars from russian all major loophole the bank will rename the asset to use its own brand and use it to develop syndicated lending and trade financing businesses in europe up to. up to twenty five russian banks might lose their licenses next it does a fifty percent increase on two thousand and eleven the federal deposit insurance agency says the key reason it would be a doubling of the minimum capital requirements to six million dollars the agency says some of the nine hundred banks conny operating your loss would not be able to meet the new standards problems have no clue to take on lending to fit it all among the biggest copeland's in the russian banking system. some of them seem with
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the weakest part of those banks which led to their own nurse and affiliated structures and this phenomenon is still here and some even playing that this is normal practice but that's actually an extremely risky business. and that's all for now to join me in about fifty five minutes i'll be back with all things business.
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welcome to the. new year's wishes on technology update next generation place is made from super slow going for lightly building materials help with the help of nuclear isotopes a clear plan it seems to be a revolutionary way to get rid of our growing landfills and along with the russian . invaders. leave the central.
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in two thousand and ten especially konami zone for industrial production was established in russia's somalia region with a total area of six hundred sixty effect as. its investors are granted exclusive tax and customs benefits which includes a five year exemption from property lands and transport taxes as well as an income tax reduction to fifteen point five percent. the special economic zone operates as a free customs own which enables manufacturers to market their products in russia free of in four g.'s the same our region as he said is currently witnessed.


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